Saturday 3 March 2012

Adult Immunization-Health Care Costs-Adult Vaccination-Highly Effective-Medical Practice

Promoting vaccines in office-based medical settings is needed to boost adult immunization rates, experts say

Promoting immunizations as a part of routine office-based medical practice is needed to improve adult vaccination rates, a highly effective way to curb the spread of diseases across communities, prevent needless illness and deaths, and lower health care costs, according to a new study. read more..

New information for flu fight: Researchers study RNA interference to determine host genes used by influenza for virus replication

Influenza virus can rapidly evolve from one form to another, complicating the effectiveness of vaccines and anti-viral drugs used to treat it. By first understanding the complex host cell pathways that the flu uses for replication, researchers are finding new strategies for therapies and vaccines, according to a new study. read more..

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